Seats: pilot + 3 passengers   

Average cruise speed: 110 kts

Range 300 nautical miles with 20 minute reserve

Empty weight: Raven I - 1467 lbs (1527 lbs Raven II)

Maximum allowable weight: Raven I - 2400 lbs  (2500 lbs Raven II)

Payload: 933 to 973 lbs (300 lbs a seat)

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R44 Raven Series Helicopter                                                            

Advanced Heli-Flight Ltd. utilizes Robinson R44 helicopters to provide our clients with a safe, cost effective and high quality training experience.

The R44 is one of the best training helicopters available that meets the demands of commercial flight training. It has a lower operating cost than turbine helicopters and has similar flight characteristics of most light turbine helicopters used in the industry today.  The R44 is the most widely used piston helicopter operated by commercial operators and is becoming the most popular helicopter for private use.

The R44 flies at an airspeed of 110 kts, carry's 3 hours of fuel and seats a pilot and 3 passengers. It is capable of taking off and landing at high density altitudes (up to 9,000 feet). It also has similar dimensions to other light helicopter types such as the Bell 206B, which makes it easier to transition to helicopters of this size. This is important because it is more difficult to judge rotor clearances when operating larger helicopters in a confined area.  

The R44 is a great helicopter for teaching autorotations to touch-down and engine failures from the hover because of the high inertia in the rotor system. This will enable the student to master engine failure related emergencies with minimal stress and in a shorter time-frame.  

The R44 Raven series helicopter has hydraulic assisted controls like most turbine helicopters; therefore hydraulic failure procedures will be taught during training, enhancing the students training experience.  

We recommend that private pilot candidates train on the helicopter type that they expect to fly (or own) when training is completed.

Following are the specifications for the Robinson R44 Raven I and II helicopters: