Foreign License Conversion

Licensing Requirements for Holders of Foreign Licence's (ICAO)

In order to obtain an equivalent Canadian PPL-H, CPL-H or ATPL-H the applicant must:

Holders of an FAA CPL-H are only required to pass a regulations exam and obtain a Class 1 Medical provided they have the 10 hours instrument flight time noted above.

ATPL-H candidates will have to complete a flight test on a helicopter type that requires two pilots for IFR flight. Advanced Heli-Flight has access to Bell 212 or S-76 Level D simulators in the US to complete this flight test. The cost is typically $2500 per hour simulator time, $500 flight test fee plus travel, meal and hotel expenses.  

We recommend that ATPL-H candidates who do not have an offer of employment, obtain the CPL-H first, then write the exams for the ATPL-H and Instrument Rating.  Most employers who require pilots to hold an ATPL-H will complete your ATPL-H flight test during a Pilot Proficiency Check on an aircraft type that requires two pilots.

It is recommended that candidates complete a self-study ground school program prior to attempting the examination. If you are living outside Canada we recommend you order the appropriate Culhane self-study ground school manual to prepare for the exam, prior to arriving.

We are able to provide flight tests for the issue of the PPL-H and CPL-H, ATPL-H and Instrument Rating as well as incorporate a Pilot Proficiency Check required by Part 702 and Part 703 Air Operators.

The “Enrolment“ page will guide you in starting your training program and provide you with a list of ground school supplies required for the course.

Medical Prerequisites

It is recommended that the candidate obtain a Canadian Medical Certificate prior to arriving in Canada to avoid any delays in receiving your medical after you arrive.  

You will require a Category 3 Medical certificate for a Private Pilot Licence and a Category 1 Medical Certificate for a Commercial Pilot Licence and Airline Transport Pilot Licence. Be sure to tell your Medical Examiner what category you require. You will have to arrange for an electro-cardiogram and audio gram for your first medical. Please ask your Medical Examiner where these may be completed.

Medical Examiners in Your Area

Please call Transport Canada at 1-888-764-3333 or go to the following Web site for a list of Transport Canada Designated Medical Examiners in your country and area:

Click to find your local Designated Medical Examiner.

Studying in Canada

Typically, you will not need a Study Visa to take any of our courses since they are less than 6 months in duration. You will require a passport to enter Canada. Visitors from some countries may need a Temporary Resident Visa to enter Canada. For more information, please go the Citizenship and Immigration Canada Web site at:

Click here to visit Citizenship and Immigration Web site.

Training Syllabus

Experience has shown that it will take about 4 hours or preparatory flight instruction to prepare the candidate for the Transport Canada flight test or rating applied for plus 1 -1.3 hours for the flight test.


Candidates must complete a minimum of 4 hours of dual flight instruction in our aircraft prior to using our aircraft for a flight test.  If a candidate does not hold a R44 type rating we will include the type rating training during the preparatory instruction for the flight test.


The 5 hours may be completed on the S-300 or R44 at the following rates:

R44: $775 per hour

S-300: $625 per hour

Flight test fee: $500

Written exam, licensing fee and English competency test: $285

Study material for self study program: $500

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