Private Pilot Licence

The Private Helicopter Pilot Licence allows the holder to fly as pilot in command of a helicopter and carry passengers. Private pilots are not licensed to fly for hire or reward.  A private pilot may accept money for the purpose of sharing costs for fuel, oil and fees charged against the aircraft in respect of the flight.

The “Enrolment“ page will guide you in starting your training program and provide you with a list of ground school supplies required for the course.


To obtain a Private Helicopter Pilot Licence, candidates with no previous flying experience must:

    - 17 hours must be dual flight instruction

    - 12 hours must be solo flight practice

Candidates who hold a Private Aeroplane Pilot Licence must:

    - 17 hours must be dual flight instruction
    - 8 hours must be solo flight practice

These flight times are Transport Canada minimum requirements. Experience has shown that 55 to 60 hours of flight training is required to meet the skill requirement for the issue of a Private Helicopter Pilot Licence.

It will take approximately 8 weeks to complete training for the Private Pilot License.  This course may be completed in as little as 5 weeks if the candidate completes our 40-hour self study program prior to commencing training.

Private Pilot Course Costs:  

Flight Training (60 hrs using the S-300 @ $625 hr.): $37,500

Ground School (40 hrs): $800.00

Books and Materials: $350

Exams and licensing Fees: $260

Flight Test Fee: $500

Total Cost:  $39,410 + tax


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