10 hours fight training (@ $750 hr. using the R44)


Ground school


Study materials



$7,500 (tax is not applicable to commercial pilots)

Night Rating

Successful completion of this course will qualify the candidate for the issuance of the Night Rating issued by Transport Canada.  The Night Rating will enable the candidate to fly at night.  To carry passengers at night commercially, the candidate must also have an instrument rating.  Air Operators may only fly passengers at night using multi-engine helicopters.

This course includes advanced emergency procedures which include night autorotations and simulated tail rotor failures to touch-down.


The candidate must hold a private or commercial pilot licence.


The candidate must have 10 hours instrument experience and 10 hours night training of which 5 hours must be solo (including 10 takeoffs and landings) and 5 hours must be dual instruction (including 2 hours night cross country).  

Candidates who hold a night rating on their fixed-wing licence need only complete 5 hours of instruction, including at least 2 hours dual night training and 1 hour solo night training.

Note: Most candidates who hold a CPL-H will have completed the 10-hour instrument training requirement during their commercial training.  Holders of a PPL-H will have acquired 5 of the 10-hour instrument training requirement.

The costs below reflect using the R44 for the entire training program.  You may substitute the Robinson R44 with Schweizer 300 at a cost of $595 per flight hour.

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