Long-Line External Load Course

At the completion of our long-lining course the candidate will be able to safely conduct long-line external load operations using vertical reference techniques.  The candidate will gain experience using 50-foot and 100-foot length long lines with a remote hook.

Candidates will learn to deliver a remote hook within reach of the receiver and to conduct long-line operations with a loaded line. The candidate will also have the opportunity to learn how to use a water bucket on a 100-foot long-line for fire fighting operations.

The course consists of 3 hours ground school, 6  hours dual flight instruction and 4 hours solo practice.

Ground school consists of the following topics:

The 6 hours of dual flight training will include:

The 4 hours of solo practice will include practice delivering an empty hook, barrel slinging and water bucketing.


10 hours flight training @ $825 per hour: $8,250

Study material Included

Ground school Included

Total: $8,250

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