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Helicopter Instrument Rating

The privileges of an Instrument Rating will allow the holder to fly as pilot-in-command of a helicopter under Instrument Flight Rules.  An Instrument Rating is required to fly passengers at night when flying commercially. To fly a helicopter as pilot-in-command of an aircraft requiring two pilots, you must also hold an Airline Transport Pilot License.  

Commercial pilot candidates who are seeking employment as a copilot in an IFR operation in helicopters requiring two pilots must also write the Transport Canada Type Rating exam (HATRA) or the two ATPL-H exams (HAMRA and HARON) in order to obtain a helicopter type rating on the aircraft they will be employed to fly.

To fly an aircraft under Instrument Flight Rules the aircraft must be certified to fly under Instrument Flight Rules.

To reduce training costs for the helicopter Instrument Rating we recommend that the candidate blend helicopter training with fixed-wing training as both aircraft types may used for instrument training.  Our R44s are equipped with Garmin 430 GPS, Aspen 1000 EFIS with electronic ADI, HSI and VOR/ILS displays.


To qualify for the Instrument Rating the candidates must:

These flight times are Transport Canada minimum requirements. Some candidates may require more flight training to meet the Transport Canada flight test standards.

The “Enrolment“ page will guide you in starting your training program and provide you with a list of ground school supplies required for the course.

Training Costs using the Robinson R44 Helicopter:

Helicopter Flight Training (10 hrs): $8,250

Fixed-wing Flight Training (10 hrs): $2,800

Flight Training Device (20 hrs): $3,000

Ground School (30 hrs: $500

Books and Materials: $275

Exams and licensing Fees: $65

Flight Test Fee: $500

Total Cost: $15,390