Type Rating Training

Advanced Heli-Fight Ltd. is able to provide helicopter type rating training on our R44 helicopters. On completion of the type rating course the instructor will ensure the appropriate application forms are completed and your Canadian helicopter pilot licence is endorsed with the helicopter type.

The client is responsible to send the application into the Regional Transport Canada Office (along with a $30 fee) in order to receive the permanent type rating endorsement sticker for the licence.

The minimum type rating conversion time on our R44 is 3 hours flight instruction and 2 hours ground school.

The flight training syllabus shall include the following exercises:

      - Tail Rotor Failures

      - Hydraulic Control Failures (Raven series helicopters)

      - Electric Trim Failures (Astro model)


R44 Type Rating: $825 per flight hour ($2,475 for 3 hours).

S-300 Type Rating: $625 per flight hour (1,875 for 3 hours

Bell 206L-1 (Bell 206 Type Rating) $1650 per hour ($4,950 for 3 hours)

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