Basic Wildfire Fighting Operations

This course will be of interest to pilots who would like work in forest fire suppression operations.  It will provide the candidate with the knowledge and the basic wildfire fighting skills as outlined by the Helicopter Association of Canada in their publication Pilot Competencies for Helicopter Wildfire Operations - Best Practices Training and Evaluation.  This publication is a joint effort between government and helicopter industry representatives that outline recommended competency standards for helicopter pilots working in wildfire operations.  The competencies outlined in this document include:

Because of the specialized nature and variety of equipment used from operator to operator, Class D External Load and Aerial Ignition Devise Training is excluded from our program.  This training will be completed by the Air Operator when pilots are assigned these duties.  

Mountain flying is unique to western operations and has been separated from the syllabus. For those pilots who anticipate operating in the mountains this course may be combined with our 20-hour Mountain Flying Course as an additional 5-hour flight time and 2-hour ground school component.

This course includes 5 hours of ground school and 10 hours of flight training.

Ground school includes the following topics:

The flight training syllabus includes:

To meet the guideline standards the candidate must be able to deliver the remote hook within a 3 x 3 foot area and hold it there for 30 seconds (with a 1-foot tolerance).  For water-bucketing operations the candidate must place 80% of the water within a 10 x 10 foot area.


10 hours flight training @ $825 per hour: $8,250

Ground School included

Books and Study material included

Total cost $8,250

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