Helicopter Recurrent Training Program

Our Pilot Recurrent Training Program is designed to keep a pilots flying skills current and refresh their knowledge of the Canadian Aviation Regulations and safe operating procedures.

Completion of this course will satisfy the pilot recency requirements of Canadian Aviation Regulation 401.05(1)(b) and 401.05(2)(a).  

Our recurrent training program syllabus includes the following:

The ground school syllabus consists of:

The flight training syllabus includes 1.5 - 2.0 hours of flight time which includes:


R44: $825 per hour

S-300: $625 per hour

7 hours ground school: $500.00

* Training may be completed using the clients aircraft at a cost cost of $1000 per day.  When using the clients aircraft the client must provide a certificate of insurance which co-insures the instructor.

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