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How to Enroll 

To enroll in any of our courses, please call Rob Thorne at (780) 512-1168 to discuss your training requirements and determine a start date.   After a start date has been agreed to you will be asked to complete an application form and mail it to the address shown on the form, along with a $300 fee for our pre-course online ground school program. This program should be completed before you arrive for flight training as it will accelerate your training.  The processing fee may be paid by cheque, bank transfer or money order.  We recommend that you complete your medical examination prior to submitting your application.  


Course Schedule and Class Size 

Advanced Heli-flight Ltd. will accommodate a maximum of three students per course.  Applicants are accepted on a first come - first serve bases. Students may start at any time as positions are available.  If you have any questions concerning our courses, please contact Rob Thorne at (780) 512-1168 or (506) 474-2803.


Educational Prerequisites For Private and Commercial Pilot Candidates 

Transport Canada does not specify educational requirements for the Private or Commercial pilot license's; however, candidates must be able to read and communicate in English. We recommend that students have the equivalent of a grade- twelve education.


Medical Prerequisites 

You must obtain a Medical Certificate from a Civil Aviation Medical Examiner prior to going on your first solo flight. It is recommended that you obtain your Medical Certificate prior to the start of your training program.   

You will require a Category 3 Medical certificate for a Private Pilot Licence and a Category 1 Medical Certificate for a Commercial Pilot Licence. Be sure to tell your Medical Examiner what category you require. If you are planning to first obtain a Private Pilot Licence then go on to a Commercial Pilot Licence in the future, be sure to complete a Category 1 medical exam to avoid disappointment. You will have to arrange for an electro-cardiogram and audio gram for your first medical. Please ask your Medical Examiner where these may be completed. 

You may wear corrective lenses to be a pilot, however, there are certain restrictions for various degrees of colour blindness. Ask your Medical Examiner for more details.


Medical Examiners in Your Area 

To find a Medical Examiner in your area, call Transport Canada at 1-888-764-3333 or go to the following Web site and select the country and city to obtain a list of Transport Canada Designated Medical Examiners in that area: 

Click here to find your local Designated Medical Examiner


Payment Schedule 

Flight time is paid for in advance in 5 or 10-hour blocks.  If a course is less than 5 hours in duration the flight time may be paid for after completion. Ground school supplies are paid for when received by the candidate. Ground school payment is due on completion of the ground school program.

We accept bank transfer or cheque for payment of all goods and services.


Refund Policy 

Advanced Heli-Flight Ltd. will refund all unused funds received for flight training on request by the student. We do not accept returns of used ground school supplies.


Pre-Course Study Material 

Normally a PPL-H and CPL-H student will go solo within three weeks of starting training (or 25 flight hours). Prior to going solo the candidate will be required to complete a regulations and flight operations exam (PSTAR Exam); and complete a certification exam for the Restricted Radio Operator Certificate - Aeronautical.  To accelerate the students progress, we recommend the student complete our self study program to prepare themselves for these exams prior to their arrival. Candidates who do not complete the pre-course study program before they arrive may complete it after they commence the course.  Please contact Rob Thorne for guidance on the pre-course study program.

An excellent online program for studying for the PSTAR Exam (free) may be found here: PSTAR Self Study

A free study guide for the Radio Operator Certificate may be found here: Radio Operator Study Guide


Ground School Supplies

Ground school supplies may be purchased from Advanced Heli-Flight Ltd. after your arrival at our facility or online at the Calgary Pilot Supply.

Following is a list of study materials required for the course indicated.  Clicking on an item in the list will take you to the online purchase location.  If you would like to purchase the item, just add it to your cart, then come back to this page and select another item.  When you have added all the items you need proceed to the check out to complete your purchase.


Private and Commercial Pilot Supplies and Study Material


ICAO Ruler

Flight Computer

Pilot Log Book

Culhane Helicopter Pilot Ground School

Culhane Written Test Book

Pilot Knee Board

Transport Canada Helicopter Pilot Training Manual (free download)

Transport Canada Written Test Study Guide (free download)

Transport Canada Flight Test Guide (free download)

Transport Canada PSTAR Exam Guide (free download) (answer key)


Airline Transport Pilot License Study Material

Culhane ATPL-H Written Test Guide

Study and Reference Guide Airline Transport Pilot Exam (free download)

Study and Reference Guide Type Rating - Helicopter (free download)

Pilot Proficiency Check and Aircraft Type Rating (Helicopter) Flight Test Guide (free download)


VFR Over-The-Top-Rating

Transport Canada VFR OTT Rating Instructor Guide (free download)


Instructor Rating

Transport Canada Flight Instructor Guide (free download)

Transport Canada Instructor Rating Written Exam Guide (free download)

Transport Canada Instructor Rating Flight Test Guide (free download)


Instrument Rating Study Material

Culhane Instrument Rating Ground school

Transport Canada Instrument Rating Study Guide (free download)

Transport Canada Instrument Rating Flight Test Guide (free download)


English Proficiency Test

Candidates with English as a second language who will be applying for their initial pilot license in Canada may be required to undertake an English language proficiency test sometime before their license is issued.  This is usually arranged by your flight instructor and will most likely be administered by telephone with the examiner at a cost of $50 to $100. Candidates who have English endorsed on their foreign license will not require an English proficiency assessment. 

A link to the sample test for this assessment may be found here: Sample English Proficiency Test.