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Mountain Flying Course 


Our Helicopter Mountain Flying Course is designed to teach you the necessary skills to operate a helicopter safely in mountainous terrain as well as enhance your overall skills as a helicopter pilot.   

This course meets the suggested training criteria set out by the Helicopter Association of Canada and is approved by the British Columbia Forest Service (BCFS). This type of training is required of pilots who perform BCFS contractual work and is highly recommended for the type of flying you will be exposed to in the mountainous regions of Canada.   

Our mountain training program for pilots with no mountain flying experience and more than 250 hours PIC time consists of training to proficiency but not less than 10 hours flight time. If candidates have less than 250 hours PIC time, we recommend that they take a course of instruction consisting of not less than 15 hours.  Candidates who have previous mountain flying experience will be trained to proficiency but not less than 5 hours flight time. Flight training may be conducted at any location in the Rocky Mountains or from our facility in Grande Prairie, Alberta.  The course duration is 5 days for the 10 hour course (weather permitting). The course syllabus consists of 2 hours ground school per day and 2 flights per day.  Commercial pilots will require long-line training to meet the BCGS requirements.  The syllabus includes the following: 

Ground School (10 hours): 

  • Psychological and Physiology Factors Associated with Mountain Flying
  • Visual Illusions and Associated Hazards
  • Effects of High Density Altitudes on Aircraft Performance
  • Weight and Balance Considerations
  • Mountain Features (topography)
  • Mountain Winds and Wind Hazards
  • Mountain Weather and Associated Hazards
  • Reduced Visibility Flying and Inadvertent IMC Recovery
  • Wind Detection Techniques
  • Mountain Reconnaissance, Landing , and Takeoff Techniques
  • Emergencies
  • Navigation Techniques in Mountainous Terrain
  • Long-line Slinging Operations (if required)
  • Preparation for flight

Flight Training (5 - 15 hours): 

  • Transiting Mountainous Terrain (contour flying)
  • Wind Finding and Wind Effects in Flight
  • Pinnacle Landings and Takeoffs
  • Plateau Landings and Takeoffs
  • Ledge Landings and Takeoffs
  • Ridgeline Landings and Takeoffs
  • Canyon and Gorge Landings and Takeoffs
  • Cirque or Bowl Landings and Takeoffs
  • Alpine Confined Area Landings and Takeoffs
  • Log Heli-Pad Landings and takeoffs
  • River Landings and Takeoffs 
  • Snow Landings and Takeoffs
  • Embarking & Disembarking From a Hover
  • Emergencies
  • Mountain Navigation
  • Reduced Visibility Flying and Inadvertent IMC Recovery
  • Long-line Slinging Operations (if required) 


Precision flying techniques, visual illusions, and emergency procedures are incorporated  in the flight training exercises.



  • $310 per hour in the clients aircraft
  • Study material: Included
  • Ground school: $1,700
  • Plus tax


If training is conducted away from our base, the client will be responsible for the instructors travel, accommodation, and meals.