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Inadvertent IMC Recovery and Avoidance Training


Inadvertent or unintentional flight into instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) continues to be a significant cause of fatal helicopter accidents.  This course is designed to teach pilots about the conditions where visual reference can be lost and how to avoid them.  students also learn how to return to visual metrological conditions using the aircraft instruments if IMC is encountered. The program includes 4 hours of ground school and 6 hours of flight training and includes the following subjects:

  • How to identify areas of poor visibility in weather reports and forecasts
  • Pilot decision making including threat and error management
  • Procedures and techniques in the event low visibility is encountered
  • Identifying situations with the potential of losing visual reference
  • How to take-off and land in loose snow and dust
  • How to transition over areas of flat light and calm water
  • Instrument flying skills, including navigation to a safe descent area
  • Night flying considerations

The 5 hours of instrument flying training included in this course can be credited for the instrument flight time requirements for the Night Rating, VFR over the Top Rating, Instrument Rating, and the prerequisite instrument time for the Instructor Rating.



  • Flight Training (6 hrs using the clients aircraft @ $310 hr): $1,860
  • Ground School: $1,000
  • Books and Materials: Included
  • Total Cost: $2,860 + tax 


If training is conducted away from our base, the client will be responsible for cost of the instructors travel, accommodation, and meals.