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Helicopter Type Rating Training 


Advanced Heli-Fight Ltd. is able to provide helicopter type rating training on the clients helicopter for 19 helicopter types, including the BH47, BH06, BH407, BH04, BH12, BH41, BH22, RH22, RH44, R66, EH28, HL2T, HU30, HU50, HU52, SK76, SK58T, EC30 and EC20. On completion of the type rating course the instructor will ensure the appropriate application forms are completed and your Canadian helicopter pilot licence is endorsed with the helicopter type. 

Typical type rating conversion times are as follows:

  • Single engine helicopter: 3.0 hours flight time.        4.0 hours ground school
  • First turbine rating: 5.0 hours flight time.                 8.0 hours ground school
  • First twin engine rating: 10.0 hours flight.                20.0 hours ground school
  • Twin engine rating: 8.0 hours flight time.                 20.0 hours ground school          

Flight and ground school times may vairy due to the complexity of the aircraft.                        

  • Ground school shall cover the following topics:
  • Aircraft Airframe and Systems
  • Aircraft Pre-Flight/Daily Inspection
  • Limitations
  • Normal and Emergency Procedures
  • Performance
  • Weight and Balance
  • Supplemental Equipment 

The flight training syllabus shall include the following exercises:

  • Transitions (circuits)
  • Hovering Exercises
  • Engine Failure from the Hover
  • Autorotations (straight ahead and 180 degree turns)
  • Control Failures
  • Tail Rotor Failures
  • Hydraulic Control Failures (Raven series helicopters)
  • Electric Trim Failures (Astro model)
  • Emergency Descents
  • Sloped Ground Take-offs and Landings



$1,000 per day + tax.


If training is conducted away from our base, the client will be responsible for the cost of the instructors travel, accommodation, and meals.